What’s HELPA?

Hideki’s Emacs Lisp Package Archive

Who is Hideki?

Check out http://hidekisaito.com/.


What’s the requirement to use the HELPA?

It requires minimum of Emacs 24.3, which is the version with native package support. You may be able to use external scripts to add package supports to versions prior to 24.3.

Generally, scripts contained here is tested under the most latest version of Emacs released. (24.4 as of writing.)

How do I install the HELPA?

Add the following line to your .emacs, init.el or any other files you have your initialization script.

(require 'package)
(add-to-list 'package-archives
  '("helpa" . "https://helpa.hidekisaito.com/packages/") t)

Signature Verifications

Optionally, packages can be verified using digital signature.

To take advantage of it, you will have to install my public key using package-import-keyring function.

The same key may be available on your favorite keyservers.

Signature verification is strongly recommended to make sure that package is not inadvertently modified.

Signature verification may require the version 24.4.

Emacs stores keys on its own GnuPG directory inside elpa/gnupg and, it is possible it gets stale and key verification fails even after package-import-keyring. You can try removing that directory and see if it helps.

Package Contents

What package is available through the HELPA?

Mainly scripts written and/or edited by Hideki Saito.

See the list of package.

Will the HELPA host third party scripts? (That’s not curated by Hideki Saito)

Maybe, but it’s not really meant for general script distribution at this time.

Does the HELPA contain previous versions of the script?

Yes, most of the time.